<CT> WfW -> Win98 net via parallel

  • From: William C Andrews <uncwilly@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 20:37:00 EDT

Since we are on the subject of net working....

I have krusty old laptop that I would like to hook up to net with my
slick Athalon.  Problem is, the laptop is limited in options.

Run down on the limiting factors.
Laptop has:
486slcs/2 50mhz
8meg RAM
PC-DOS 2000
WfW 3.11 (with Calmira)
serial port tied up by mouse (blown PS/2 ports)
14.4 modem on MB
parallel port (original specs only) (on switch boxes to various items)
loads of HD space

AMD Athalon 1.1 GHz
640 MB RAM
standard set of ports (serial, parallel [also tied into switch boxes],
USB, [need network NMR on CNR])
v90 modem on CNR or NMR

I have a parallel 'Interlink' cable and enough straight throughs.

How can I get the 2 machines to talk as a network not as Client and
And at *DOS* level.
At one point about 2 years ago, I had the LT connected to a 95 machine,
for a few days.

What words of wisdom can get from you folks?
Currently have the machines tied to the externals as follows:

Laptop            Desktop     (available)    (available)
  |                  |              |            |
  +------------------+(4 way switch)+------------+
                  +---(2 way switch)---+
                  |                    |
               Scanner              Zip Disk
                  |                    |
               Printer      Trantor based 1x CD [not currently attched]

-- .
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