<CT> ?Stupid? Calmira Questions

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  • Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 08:56:36 -0400

Hey everybody!!!  Long time, me no talk...

Been lurking around the Calmira scene for a few weeks again...  Have a stupid 

What do I need to do to get Calmira to keep the right click menus open???  
Right clicking, and having to drag (while holding right button) the pointer 
over the menu sucks when yer using a stupid 'Quick Port' Toshiba Mouse.  It's a 
trackball you control with your thumb.  The right button is a thumb button.

Another stupid question:

Has anyone ever bothered to hack together a VGA driver that runs 320x200x256 
for Win3.1?  If not, WHY NOT???

More stupid qestions~~!

Where can I download IE for Win16?  How about Netscape?  I know y'all have TONS 
of links, and I know I've asked this before...  Unfortunately, my hard drives 
are prone to crashing... I've been fiddling around with multi-booting Linux, 
and I *think* I may have learned what NOT to do... LoL

All these questions were brought on by the aqcuisition of an old Toshiba 
T1910CS laptop.  It's a 486sx33, no sound, VGA only.  It is NOT capable of 256 
colors at 640x480... :(  Anyone know of some alternative?  Like, I want more 
colors!!!  That's the reason for the funky driver request.

Thank you in advance!

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