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  • From: Ross Nelson <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 10:20:14 -0600

Hey all.

I was setting up a computer for someone, and went back yesterday to set up 
his internet (refuge from Africa, sponsor couple for our house ), but the 
ISP wasn't the brightest.  First, Opera 3.62 doesn't come with 
WINSOCK.DLL.  I couldn't find a copy for Win 3.1.  Can someone send one?

Also, they gave him Pegasus.  Great client, finally figured out how to use 
POP on it; however, it doesn't come with a couple DLLs that it needs for 
POP.  Can someone tell me a good client that'll fit on a floppy and will 
work without anything extra (or Winsock, if I get a copy).  I'd upgrade him 
to Windows 95 or 98, since that's what he's used to, but the system is what 
my 486 was...4mb ram, 486-SX, 170mb hdd.  LoL.


Ross Nelson
Email: coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
URL:   http://www.zonesoft.net
MSN:   coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx
ICQ:   64547791
AIM:   Icepick20671

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