<CT> Running WinXP and Win3.11+Calmira

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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:30:24 -0400

Hello everyone!  I have been hearing an awful lot lately about how everyone is 
slowly but surely moving to Windows 2000 and XP...  And as we should all know 
by now, you cannot run "TRUE" DOS on those OSs.  Well, I just got this nifty 
little FREE program that allows you to run ANY x86 compatable OS on ANY 
computer!  Yay!  Sounds pretty cool, eh?  

This program is called Bochs.  It is an emulator for the x86 hardware.  I have 
just recently recieved this program, and I have NOT tested, nor actually used 
it to any real degree.  All I know is Chris Pirillo suggested it, and he is 
smart.  If ya don't know the name, surf over to www.lockergnome.com and take a 
peek at his empire. :o)

The program is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/bochs/ 
and comes with a Linux demo to show that it is truely running another OS within 
an OS.  The program supports FAT32 and FAT16 only, as well as floppy support.  
The trick is, you need a harddrive file to have hard drive support on NTFS... 
and it boots from floppy, hard file, ?USB?, and bootable CD.  I am pondering 
attempting to create an entire DOS/Win3.11 installation on a bootable cd so I 
can run all my DOS programs.

So, here's my question... Does anyone happen to have the knowledge to do this?  
I can, but it would be more hit and miss than anything.

I would appreciate any help from the Calmira community of this one... I know we 
have a fair share of bright shining stars out there!   

I'm just hoping to be able to run the assembly programs for my class in 
college... they require DOS, and nothing less will work (nothing more, either!).

Have fun!
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