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An interesting email to say the least. :)

(substantially reformatted - it was a big blob of text)

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Subject: Read This - My Calmira Story

My name is T.J.  I am 14 years old, and VERY heavily into computers.
My mom likes the fact that I will probably have a career in computer
when I grow up, but that doesn't mean she buys me my computers!

Because of that, I had a 486DX4/100MHz computer with 36MB of RAM
with about only 250MB total hard drive capacity.  I would have put
on Windows 95, however I didn't have a CD-ROM drive.  So, I was
stuck with Windows 3.1, disappointed that I couldn't have the
features of a new operating system.

One night, I was surfing the Internet like I always do, and stumbled
across a web page that had feedback on Calmira.  I never heard of
Calmira, so I downloaded it.  At that time, the good Calmira was out
(v3.0 or something) that really looked like Windows 95.  I was
INSTANTLY hooked.  I played with it all night, then all day the next
day.  I couldn't believe someone out there actually took the time to
create a program for Windows 3.x that made it look like Windows 95!

I downloaded every version released after that, and always used
them, they seemed to get better and better with every release.  By
that time, I couldn't care if I had a CD-ROM drive now because I
loved Calmira!  Eventually, I bought a CD-ROM drive and upgraded to
Windows 95.

I loved using Calmira, but it was about time to have updated files
for my computer and programs.  After that, I bought a whole new
computer with Windows Me and just for kicks I put on Calmira to see
what would happen and it worked!!!!!  It ran AWESOME!  What was also
great was that the Start menu now had the sliding animation effect
that Windows 98/Me have!  I loved it!  However, I didn't keep it but
it's still installed on my system.

My 100MHZ computer is now in the basement, back to running Windows
3.1 with Calmira.  The whole point of this story was to tell you
that Calmira works on 32-bit versions of Windows.  I still download
the new Calmira verisons for the downstairs PC and they are awesome.

I hope you can find a way to get the long filename support!  I will
soon submit a screenshot comparement of Windows Me and Calmira to
show you the difference when Calmira is hooked up.  I made it look
EXACTLY like Windows 95 when I had my old computer, and soon I will
make it look like it again as soon as I remember how to set the
screen colors to 16-bit!

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