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  • From: "Mario Pignata" <m.pignata@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 17:08:04 +0200

On 14 Jun 01, at 8:53, subject: "<CT> taskbar"
Michael Lennartz wrote:

> The Shiva-dialer from IE uses *.con-files for the dial-up
> (con00000.con, con00001.con and so on). [...] 
> BUT ... there is no icon, 

I have two of them on the applet tray and the dialling hand on the yellow 
phone icon is showing.

In taskbar properties - additional I've got:

Provider's name=C:\IEXPLORE\iedial.exe C:\IEXPLORE\CON00001.CON

What is really showing is the icon from the dialler.



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