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  • Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 11:24:48 +0800

Hi Ricardo Rita:

>  - I'm trying to get a 486dx4 running with an old motherboard I
> It's a m912 v1.7. The thing is, when I searched for info about
it on the
> net, I came across with reports that the cache is fake!! How
can I
> know if it's working or not then? I have some cache chips from
> motherboard, but I do not know if their compatible.

You are right, I have both of the same motherboards running w/ an
AMD 486DX4 now.  Those cache are fake.  As I know, PCChips only
released few M912 w/ real cache.

But the performance will not boost if your DRAM is fast enough to
sent to 0 wait state, I have read an old computer magazine in
1996 had reported the performance result on M912 w/ & w/o cache.

>  - Is there any way I can use both 72 pin simms and 30 pin
simms at
>  the same time? Maybe jumper configurations? I haven't had any
> with documentation aout this motherboard...

For motherboard, you can download at:

For info about other PCChips old motherboards, you can go to
or http://www.stud.fernuni-hagen.de/q3998142/pcchips/index.html

to make a search, which is an unofficial web-page which supported
PCChips motherboard from 486 to P IV.

Yes, you can installed both 30 & 72 pin with the board, I have
install 2 x 16M 72pin & 4 x 1M 30pin to the board to get 36M
system memory.

But please beware that there is some EDO 72 pin RAM is not
compatible w/ it according to my exp (But some EDO okej!). If so,
I prefer to use FPM type instead of EDO type.

>  - Is there any win3x vcd player? I know quickviewer for Dos
(and I love
> it), but it is shareware and not windows specific. I heard
about xing, but
> I really couldn't locate it...

XingMpeg Player V1.41 for Windows 3.1, if you need it, I could
send you an copy.
But please note that if your Video card could support DCI,
otherwise the performance is REALLY terrible....

Best regards,
Ken Yaksa - Derrick Limited I.T. Dept.


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