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> From: "Ricardo Rita" <ricardo_rita@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> old motherboard, VCDs, and other
> Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 06:12:24 -0000

> Hi all!

> I need some help:

> - I'm trying to get a 486dx4 running with an old motherboard I have. It's a
> m912 v1.7. The thing is, when I searched for info about it on the net, I
> came across with reports that the cache is fake!! How can I know if it's
> working or not then? I have some cache chips from another motherboard, but I
> do not know if their compatible.

> - Is there any way I can use both 72 pin simms and 30 pin simms at the same
> time? Maybe jumper configurations? I haven't had any luck with documentation
> aout this motherboard...

> - Is there any win3x vcd player? I know quickviewer for Dos (and I love
> it), but it is shareware and not windows specific. I heard about xing, but I
> really couldn't locate it...

> Thank you all

> Ricardo

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Say, I have an M912-P Intel motherboard that I run my 486DX4 100mHz
with.  Yes, I use both 30 and 72 pin SIMM ram, the cache is only the
typical 8 kb 486 variety on the chip itself, along with 256 kb on
the board...never have a problem!  I found a "manual" for this MB
in HTML format, if you like, I could send a copy to you, it has all
the various jumper settings you need worry with.

As for a VCD player for Win3X, I'm not familiar with any, only
with audio CD players for Win3X and later.

Good luck,
Wiz  <{;-)
aka GlennRPh

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