<CT> Re: newbie with a problem

  • From: Klaus.Osswald@xxxxxxxxxxx (Klaus Osswald)
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 02:07:30 +0200

Hi Zathras,

Zathras Zathras wrote:

> hiyas
> Been doing a bit of 'retro-computing' lately :-)

Sounds interesting, wozzit ?

> run into a problem with, suprise, Internet Explorer.

. .ummmpf . . :D       that's normal,isn't it ; )

I admit, IE seems to be a fine thing for Win 9.x  & up.
Seriously though, for a well organized 16 bit system I'd rather go for
Netscape 4.08

> it's driving me nuts.



Cheers, Klaus

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