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  • From: Reid Solberg <reids@xxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 07:03:00 +0200 (MEST)

After reading about everybodys' years of computer experience, I thought I
should give a humble intro.  My name is Reid Solberg and I've been using
computers for approximately 11 years.  My parents received a 286 that was being
replaced at the local hospital in 1992.  I was 5 then so all I remember about it
was that it seemed huge and had a noisy external hard drive.  I quickly
moved on in technology when we moved to our current home in 1993 and shortly
bought a Compaq Presario 633.  The computer was a 486SX/33 with 4MB ram.  I
remember that it cost $2300 dollars, in fact I have the receipt.  The computer 
great fun, but I didn't like to use it because I found the graphical
interface of Windows 3.1 overwhelming.  The scrollbar buttons and window 
all looked the same to me.  I was constantly afraid I'd break it.  Sometime
afterward I was given a Commodore 64 by some friends which I used constantly.  I
remember buying a ColecoVision at a garage sale and playing with it for a
while, but then its tape drive died.  I had the C64 until 1997, I can't
remember why I gave it away.  By that time I had mastered the use of Windows 
My interest in the Compaq grew in 1998 with our purchase of a PII 300 system. 
I now had my own computer in a sense.  I'm sure I figured out every way to
malconfigure that computer, and fix it.  I didn't begin to really use the
Internet until 1999, but I had used it occasionally at school as early as 1995. 
I've aquired countless computers, some of which I still have and many that
have moved on.  My current count is 8 systems.  The newest thing I have is a
Compaq Athlon 2600 based system.  I'm having a hard time making a dent in the
hard drive space.  I was used to 200MB for so long that 120GB is limitless. 
My original 486 is due for upgrade soon, it's living at my grandmother's house
as her first computer.  I'm going to put a Kingston Turbochip 133 in it just
to give it that extra power to run Windows 98 Solitaire.  I've been using
Calmira since 2001 when I put Calmira 3.1 on that Compaq at my grandmother's
house.  It didn't work out then for her, but I sure had fun with Calmira.

Wow.  I haven't written a message this long for quite a while.  Did I even
say what I intended to?

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