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  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 22:19:09 +0800

Hi there everybody:

Since I read all of your intros here, I bet that I should write
one, too... :)

I "trapped" in Calmira mailing list not too long, just about 3
months only...  The main reason that I joined here is that I
"touch" Calmira 3 months ago finally.... (The fist Calmira
version that I used wa Calmira II 3.2).

Okej, back to intros... :)
I have been using computer around 20 years, I got my first
computer on 1986, which is an Apple ][+ clone, 48K (!! Kilo, not
Mega) Byte RAM on board, plus 16K RAM card, 2 x 143K floppy
drive, cassette tape recoder (! Yeah, before I got the floppy
drive, cassette tape was my mainly stroage meida for my Apple),
Z80 card (For CP/M), 80 Colomn card etc.....  Most of my computer
knowledge was learned on this old machine... Applesoft BASIC,
Turbo Pascal 2.0 for CP/M, dBase II, VisiCalc / SuperCalc
(Speartsheet), Z80 & 6502 assembly...

My 2nd computer is Apple ][e enchanced w/ 128K RAM.... (Other
hardwares are "moved" from the Apple ][+) in 1987.

My 3rd computer is an IBM PC/XT, 8088 4.77Mhz CPU, 256K RAM
onboard + 384K RAM card, Minicribe (Now Maxtor) full-height 10M
HDD, High-density floppy controller, 1.2M 5.25" floppy drive,
360K 5.25" floppy drive, 2M EMS 3.2 card, Trident 8900 VGA card,
Hayes 1200bps external modem & NEC MultiSync 2A 14" VGA monitor.
I got this machine in 1990.  Running MS-DOS 2.0 & Microsoft
Windows 2.03 as operating system.

Then is:
286-16Mhz 2M (DOS 3.3, Windows 3.0)
386DX-33Mhz 4M (DOS 4.01, 5.0 & 6, Windows 3.1)
AMD 5x86 133Mhz 16M (Windows 95 original)
(And lots of other hardwares for building up 386/486 machines and
some 8088/486/P5 notebooks too)
And my faviour machine -- HP 100LX palmtop, 80186CPU 1M RAM
running DOS 5.0 in ROM.

All these computer is still runinng fine nowaday... Hah.. :P

The 4.77Mhz 8088 was used to running a FidoNet BBS in 1991, which
was using RemoteAccess, iMail & DoorWay software, and the BBS was
dead on 1993.

I started using Internet on 1994, at that moment, the Internet
connection are mainly under DOS (Yepp, use Telix!!) dialup
connecting to Unix shell, & do everything on there... If you want
to download something from the net, you need to download the
files to your Unix shell first, and then use Xmodem/Zmodem
protocol to download back to your local machine.

Oh yeah, forget to tell, I am a 32 yrs old chinese guy from Hong
Kong, single, but have a steady girlfriend.  Now I am working in
a watch factory located in mainland China as a I.T. Supervisor.
My hobby is collecting old GSM mobile phones, old micro-computers
(mostly 8-bit), old game consoles & other old electronic consumer
products, play TV-games, singing, reading etc....

At the moment, I am seeking for the chinese version of Internet
Explorer 4.x/5.x for Windows 3.1, if got it, I can really make a
full chinese Win9x like machine but under Win31 core... Hehe...

I am so sorry that maybe I am writting a little bit long, and
also due to my poor english, you all may reading so hard... Sorry
on it.. o_O

Best regards,
Ken Yaksa - Derrick Limited I.T. Dept.


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