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Hi Ben, hi all!

> Perhaps we could all chip in and give our own little 'intros'?  I would
> love to know exactly what Gaby does/did... She is soooooo smart.

Oh, you're embarrasing me ... ;-))

Well, if you really want to know, just keep on reading...

As for my profession, it has nothing to do with computers apart from 
the fact that I'm sitting in front of a W95 machine and I'm taking care 
of the machines in our office (and being webmaster/postmaster ...).
Actually, I'm working in the Customer Service department of a 
classical music CD distributor called Naxos....

I've studied linguistics (main subject: Italian) and musical science at 
Cologne University. 

I got my first computer way back in 1991, as 286 machine with DOS 
4.01. Shortly after that I discovered my enthusiasm for vintage 
computers and started to build up a small collection consisting of a 
couple of CP/M machines, but also other business machines (no 
home computers). 

My first contact with Internet was in 1995, but I didn't really use it 
until 1997, when I bought a 33K modem (I had a 2.4K modem until 
then). In 1998 I had the idea to build a website of my own and started 
gaby.de with a total webspace of 50 MB and about 15 html pages....
The same year I founded the CP/M User Group Germany, just for 
having a platform for the remaining users in Germany (there were 
more left than I thought!). 

When at the end of 1998 my ISP offered new hosting packages with 
more webspace, more domain names and smaller prices, gaby.de 
began to become a project, uniting various CP/M and vintage 
computer sites. As a result, traffic and the demand for webspace  
increased, so that I updated my contract several times. Now I got a 
webspace of 1.1 GB (with about 875 MB used), 100 GB free traffic 
per month and 20 domain names, out of which I'm currently using 18.

I already donated hosting and webspace to the Unofficial CP/M 
Website (cpm.z80.de) and the Z80 family support homepage 
(z80.info). Several other domains are given to "roomers" like e.g. 
womoteam.de, calpaint.de or znode51.de.

My love for Windows 3.1x and Calmira is just based on the fact that I 
keep on using a 486-33 box, because it was (and is!) slow enough to 
handle CP/M diskettes and to run PCP/M-86 2.0, a nice little OS for 
AT type machines. And as I don't have space and money to run a 
separate machine for every different task, I tried to make the best out 
of the good old machine and gave it the design and capabilities of a 
*modern* computer. 

It's currently equipped with 32 MB of RAM, 2 * 240MB IDE hard 
disks, 1 * 800MB and 2 * 2 GB SCSI hard disks, a 24x CD-ROM, a 
2x CD burner and a 6x DVD-ROM. The total height of the tower, 
including the external SCSI drives, measures about 90 cm (!).

Apart from computing I like gardening - I have two cute little 
balconies: http://www.gaby.de/GIF/balkons/balkons.html ...

Next January I will be celebrating my 40th birthday....

Well, I think this is enough for this time ;-)

Cheers, Gaby

You Know You Are a Computer Geek ...

     If you stare at an orange juice container because it says

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