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  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 17:24:45 +0100


Yeah, I loved the Atari machines. We used to spit on you Amoeba lot though.
I even had the Atari Falcon, a powerful machine and some are still in use by
Anyway, this 3.11 machine is a Leo Designote 486SX-33 dating from May 1994.
I installed the Win32 extensions today and it's still chugging away. A few
problems though... it only has the built in memory (4mb I think). I believe
it uses 72pin SO-DIMMs and the battery will not charge. I think it detects
the memory as being fully charged. The charge light will come on for a
minute when I plug the power cable in and the BIOS screen says it's fully
charged. If I try to switch it on using battery power the PC will light up
for a second and die.

Ben09880@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello Carl!  Welcome to the wonderful world of 16-bit!  Yay!!!
> NEWBIE!!!  :o)

Bye, Carl
928S4 Auto '87
928S4 Auto '88

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