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Hello Carl!  Welcome to the wonderful world of 16-bit!  Yay!!!  NEWBIE!!!  :o)

Not using newbie as a bad thing, please don't misinterpret it.

I have a few old 486 laptops, I even have one in COLOR!!! Wow...  :o)
Still no 'true' sound though...  ::sigh::

Atari?  Hmmmm... I seem to recall some mention of that back when I was still a 
'hard-core' commodore fan on my Amiga 500.  Heh...  Those were the days...  
Little did we know we would *all* sell out in some form or another to the Bill 
Gates' Cult.

I never used an Atari COMPUTER, but I *do* know about the consoles...  If I 
remember correctly, they were quite a bit more powerful (as were all Motorola 
680x based pcs) than what was current then.  I miss those days with Compute's 
Gazette, typing endlessly to play the new game(s) of the month...  

Well, hope we can help ya through the trials and tribulations of the 16 bit 
world...  We are a good group; always trying to help each other whenever 
possible... and sometimes even when it really isn't possible...  :o)

My name is Benjamin Rossington, and I live in Pinellas Park, FL, USA.
I am currently enrolled at Remington College, working on my Associates in 
Computer Electronics and Engineering Technology.  It isn't anything special, 
but it is my current stepping stone to success...  :o)

Perhaps we could all chip in and give our own little 'intros'?  I would love to 
know exactly what Gaby does/did... She is soooooo smart.

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