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Just my 2 cents on the topic of networking with Win 3.1 vs. WfW 

I remember running Netscape in Win 3.1 with the aid of Trumpet 
Winsock. It worked well, but I never tried to put the system in a 
LAN. I wonder whether it would work if you used a hardware router to 
create the network, and just tied the computer into the router the 
way you would tie it directly to the Internet.

Currently I have a home LAN with mixed transport technologies, using 
software bridges where necessary to hold it together. One of the 
systems on the network is a 386 that dual-boots WfW 3.11 and WinNT 
3.1. The system is usually offline, but it can join the network in 
either OS.

When the system boots as WfW, it runs a NET START command in DOS, 
before starting Windows. I haven't tried yet, but I wonder whether 
you could use Microsoft's DOS networking capability with Windows 

Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ

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