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  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 14:11:31 -0700

Ethernet using Win3.1 is a pain. The networking client is actually a msdos 
program, its not part of windows.

If you can you should really update to WFW 3.11, it will allow you to use 
the 32bit windows native ethernet tcpip client. Its easy to setup and even 
partially supports dhcp. I had my WFW311 system running off a cable modem 
with very little problem.



 >From: Al Hall <alhall@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 >Subject: <CT> DSL?

 >I've been using my 3.1 machine to get email for years. The fact that =
 >running on 3.1 makes it pretty safe from virus attack. But, I want to =
 >a DSL line in for the rest of the web and am wondering if I can install =
 >network card and keep getting my POP3 mail on the machine using W3.1?
 >Can it be done? And, what do I need, where to look?
 >Windows 3.1 [not WFWG]..

Upgrade to WFWG (3.11) and it will be easier. I haven't done this but
with WFWG I should think its as easy as getting a win95 box on the
net. After all its just an extended part of the network. Try  tcp/ip



My concern would be getting a firewall in win3 though a router would
be a much better solution.


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