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PS/2 55sx online ?  Not bad at all, those ESDI hard drives they use are 
getting harder and harder to find. If the cpu is a C-Step, you can stick a 
Cyrix 486srx2-33mhz upgrade on there for a nice boost.

My Calmira PS/2 is a model 9557 Ultimedia, its a got 16meg ram, 
486slc3-75mhz cpu, 25mhz cyrix 387sx fpu, built in xga-2 video, 2gig IBM 
Ultra-Narrow scsi hard disk, 2.88meg floppy drive, IBM Image-I 3meg 
secondary video card (1600x1280 resolution), IBM Audiovation sound card, IBM 
microchannel PCMCIA setup, IBM Etherstreamer nic, and HP ScanJet interface 
card. The slc type PS/2's are all 16bit bus, with 16bit ram. The cpu is 
32bit internally and 16bit externally, so they are perfect for windows 3.1x. 
32bit code drags on these slc systems due to the 16bit archetecture, but 
16bit code like Win3x/Calmira flies!  :)

It runs a mixture of MS-DOS 6.22, PC-DOS 2000, MS-DOS 7.1, and a heavily 
modified and updated WFW 3.11 with Calmira 3.31. So far, I have about 950meg 
of 16bit software installed on it. I get online with it thru my router and 
DSL modem, it runs IE 3.03sp1 since iE4/5 seem too buggy, and take too much 



Hi Casolai!

I still use Calmira everyday as well...have it on an old Compaq Deskpro XL
Pentium 75 w/32 meg RAM, 1 gig SCSI HD.  You mentioned an IBM PS2, hehe,
I have one of those as well.  It's an old Model 5500SX, a 16 mHz 386SX, has 
big old 29 meg (megabytes, hehe, not gigabytes!) hard drive and 5 meg RAM.
I don't run Windows on it, just DOS 6.22.  It's been a few months, but I 
even accessed the Internet with the old girl, even though the modem is an
internal Racal-Vadic 2400, 2400 baud!  Too slow for much of anything other
plain text mode, via Lynx 386 for DOS, NetMail DOS, etc.
Have fun with your PS2!
See you later!

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