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 Just want you to know that I still use Calmira on my favorite 16bit IBM PS/2 
 computer, and am still patiently waiting for any further 
 developments/bugfixes/updates!   :)
 Thanks for making the best ever piece of Windows 3.1x software and please 
 don't give up on it.

Hi Casolai!

I still use Calmira everyday as well...have it on an old Compaq Deskpro XL 
Pentium 75 w/32 meg RAM, 1 gig SCSI HD.  You mentioned an IBM PS2, hehe,
I have one of those as well.  It's an old Model 5500SX, a 16 mHz 386SX, has a
big old 29 meg (megabytes, hehe, not gigabytes!) hard drive and 5 meg RAM.
I don't run Windows on it, just DOS 6.22.  It's been a few months, but I have 
even accessed the Internet with the old girl, even though the modem is an
internal Racal-Vadic 2400, 2400 baud!  Too slow for much of anything other 
plain text mode, via Lynx 386 for DOS, NetMail DOS, etc.
Have fun with your PS2!
See you later!

Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
Registered Pharmacist
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