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Hi "Robin"!

Well, a name change is no big problem with me...and
I can't for the life of me think of why anyone on the list
would have a problem.  Myself, I appreciate the advance
notice also.  However, if I slip and call you "Brian" again,
will you please not throw sharp objects at me??

Yep, names can be a source of great, extreme, angst.
It took me probably the better part of 30 years to get a
handle on being a "Junior"...Glenn Gilbreath Jr.,...and
my grandmother still calls me "Junior" rather than just
Glenn, even though my father has been deceased for
15 years...oh well.  Fortunately, I did have a good 
relationship with my dad.  In that respect, I sometimes
feel fortunate, and is one of the reasons I try very hard 
to keep a good relationship open with my own children,
a daughter and 2 sons, even though I am divorced from
their "egg donor", errrr..."mother".  Hehehe.

Say, here's a idea to toss in the mix!  Let's have a "Name
the List Owner" contest!  Hehehe...let's see, he has expressed
a preference for the firstname "Robin", surname "Roe"...Roe
is good, I know a number of them in my town.  Now, Robin,
what can I find for that...here's one, "Roland"...
"Roland Roe", or maybe "Roland R. Roe", with the middle
name "Robin"...
Any other nominations?

Take care, and I'll see ya later!
Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
Registered Pharmacist

In a message dated 03-01-29 14:07:17 EST, you write:

 Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:06:50 -0700 (MST)
 From: "Brian L. Johnson" <blj8@xxxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Some changes you should be aware of...
 [X-posted to Juno_accmail, Calmira_Tips, FreeNET and POP3 as well
 as a number of BCCs]
 Hello all, sorry for such a wildly off-topic post, but I need to
 share something with you all about some changes in my life that will
 affect all of you as members of a list I run... I apologize in
 advance if this is too personal for you.
 First, the pre-ramble: I've never been totally happy with my name,
 "Brian Johnson". My first name is ok, but well, I didn't get to
 choose it. I have a slightly hard time pronouncing it sometimes, and
 because it has two variants in spelling (Brian and Bryan) having to
 spell it all the time can get annoying. Besides all that, well, it
 just doesn't FEEL like me in spirit.
 I wonder, if we couldn't just give kids neutral names like
 "child5267311" until they're old enough to choose? Ok, I'm kidding
 on that one, please don't throw things! [ouch!]   :)
 On surnames, I have the name Johnson simply because of the standard
 western customs regarding marriage and naming, but I never knew my
 father, and there are less than a handful of members of the (my)
 Johnson family left, all of whom I barely know. All the family I've
 grown up around and know and think of as family is the family on my
 mother's side.
 Additionally, well, how much personal identity can I possibly draw
 from a surname that's common as dirt? There must be millions of
 unrelated "Johnson"s in the world, and the nonconformist in me HATES
 that. :-P
 In toto, my name just isn't right for me, and in recent years has
 started to really bother me. So I felt that the right solution was
 to choose a new name for myself.
 For first name, I finally narrowed down choices to "Robin". I know
 it's a unisex name, but I REALLY like it. It has a nice sound to it,
 and in conjunction with my choice for surname, it has a very nice
 flow to it. That, and it's spelling is fairly unambiguous (I know
 there is "Robyn", but that is very uncommon...).
 For surname, I didn't want to be "Johnson" for the reasons mentioned
 above, so I have chosen to adopt my mother's maiden name, which is
 "Roe". It's a name I like, being the name of the family with which I
 identify, and I want to honor that familial bond.
 In a couple months time, when I can save all the fees that will be
 needed, I will be filing a change-of-name petition at the county
 court, so this will be my actual legal name, reflected everywhere.
 At that time, the name "Brian Johnson" will cease to exist.
 I am going to start using the name "Robin Roe" from now on, and stop
 being "Brian Johnson". My old email address, blj8@xxxxxxxx will
 remain active indefinitely, but I would like it if you'd use either
 pel@xxxxxxxxxxxx or roro@xxxxxxxxxxxx instead, and call me Robin
 instead of Brian. This will be my last post to the list as Brian.
 I do hope you can all understand, and again, I apologize if this got
 a little too personal for you (I felt the best way was to just say
 what was on my mind and heart, even if it made you blush).
 ==ROBIN== >>
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