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In a message dated 03-07-27 02:55:09 EDT, you write:

<< Well, I already found some files in my incoming directory this 
 morning (thanks to whoever uploaded them) and moved them to the 
 right place. Therefore, please check whether or not the files are 
 already there, before you upload them. Please don't send anything 
 by e-mail, at least not to me ... :)
 Btw, does anybody out there have the other language versions?
 Bye, Gaby >>

Thanks Gaby!  I'll check with your files before uploading any of 
my stash, hehe.  As for language versions other than English,
I don't have any.  I think David Burgess (spelling??) did one in 
German or Dutch, and a few other list members may have something
to offer.  Also, when Calmira II 3.3 was released, it was released as
a self-extracting installer EXE file.  I don't think a regular ZIP was
ever placed on the Calmira.org page, but...I have one.  I've also 
got the ZIP for the Calmira Registry Editor, for those with older
releases, say up to version 3.12 or so.

I don't think I'm alone when I say this, but Thank you to all 
who maintain a desire to keep Calmira alive!  Did you know 
I have yet to find too much of anything on the Internet that I
really needed to do that I cannot get done with Windows 3.X 
and Calmira, along with the various collections of handy tools 
and software that our list members keep recommending!
Thank you all...oh, and I've still got my old screenshot that
I can send when we get a page ready too!

See you later,
aka Wizard57M

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