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Hi there!  Don't worry...if you wish to continue to use
File Mangler, errr, File Manager, to work with your files,
Calmira happily sets up a shortcut to it, usually done 
automatically when you run her the first time and
build your Start Menu.  However, I don't think I'm 
alone in this one either, once you have gotten sort
of accustomed to Calmira Explorer, you'll begin to
use File Manager less and less.  One point I would
like to bring out, in regards to the Taskbar, the new 
releases, anything from 3.25 up, have a Taskbar that
more closely resembles Windows 98, with a "Quick
Launch" area.  I noticed you mentioned using Win 95,
which I also use.  You might wish to use the prior
version 3.2 of Calmira, because the Taskbar in 3.2
will more closely resemble Windows 95.  That's just
my personal taste though.
Welcome to Calmira II, and if you have any questions
just ask.  This is one of the most helpful lists that I
have the pleasure of associating with!
See you later,

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<< From: Nita Cantrell <cantrella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Okay, I'll bite...little fish nibbles on the net...
 I'm possibly less knowledgeable about calmira then most of you all. I
 downloaded it and haven't loaded it on the ole win 3.x machine yet. I
 maintain the win 3.x machine for my sister, who is 20 years my senior.
 I'm a little concerned that once I load calmira on the machine I won't be
 able to do some of the things in file mgr. that I did before. Part of the
 beauty of the win 3.x machine to me is that it's more hands-on(more like a
 manual 35mm camera vs. an automatic)...win 95 and above do more for you and
 let you do less, unless of course, you're already on the programmer level.
 Do you have any words of wisdom to make me believe I won't be paralyzed and
 unable to handle things once I've loaded this marvelous software shell?
 Nita >>
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