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 From: "Ricardo Rita" <ricardo_rita@xxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Re: OT: Quickbar for Windows 95
 Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 01:02:40 -0000
 Hi List,
 I've got an question about Windows 95 from a Calmira User:
 Is it possible to implement a quickbar into Windows 98 like it's know from
 98? It's possible to while you use an special Version of MS IE, but this
 person would like to keep the IE 3.
 So if anybody knows an answer mail me so I could help this person.
 Thanks List!!
 Guy's and girls keep on workin' don't stop Calmira! >>

Hi Ricardo,
I don't have one that puts the Quick Launch area on the taskbar, but,
I do have one called Enchanted Toolbar.  You can drag the toolbar to
just about anywhere you want, and when not in use it will "hide" into
the closest edge.  It's also freeware...send me an email if you want
to try it...you choose what to add to the list of apps available, by the
way!  From Arcane Wood Software, but, don't think it is being updated
anymore...has been incorporated into another of their programs.
See you later,
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