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  • Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 18:44:47 -0600

Glen wrote:

    >  Now, for MP3s, there is where
    >  we will have problems...from discussions on this and other
    >  lists, a lot of users have problems getting good quality
    >  playback with less than 16 meg RAM...I don't have an MP3
    >  player recommendation for Win3X at the moment...

I use Audioactive v1.3 (shareware) with fairly good results.  It's
16-bit, accomodates both 486's and Pentiums.  I have a 486/DX2-66 with
32 Mb RAM.  It plays 1 second, drops out for two, then plays the rest
of any length selection just fine, in stereo.  In mono, it will do the
whole job without a hitch.  Not sure which is more limiting, CPU or
RAM though.  Version 1.3 is abandonware, Audioactive doesn't even
archive it themselves; hardly even admit that it ever existed.
Somebody may have its download somewhere, but I haven't seen any for
some time now. S'pose I could share what I have if it seems like it
might tickle your fancy.

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