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<< My method:
 Use the NIST time client thingy (sorry, no link, but it's in my
 bookmarks at my homepage), configure it to poll the time every few
 hours and run in background, and put it into the startup group. Ah yes,
 one has to update the server list prior to that. This utility has
 served me well on WfW 3.11, Win95, NT and 2000 (16 and 32 bit versions,
 respectively). The 32 bit one can also do NTP. (Works with Win32s, but
 reading the time zone doesn't seem to work, maybe one would have to
 create some registry keys.)
 Stephan >>

Hi List!
Another great time client is NetDate, both 16 and 32 bit versions...note that
with the 32 bit version you must use a 32 bit Winsock...If you can't find it
on the net, let me know and I can send as email attachment...I have found
it works when the NISTIMEW won't connect to the server.
See you later!
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