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In a message dated 02-05-08 03:11:23 EDT, Ivan wrote:

<< This "old Windows" has abandonware "rights", so I guess that I might be
 freely used, and it is quite good piece of software to run with "oldies",
 and you may choose your own DOS, maybe DR-DOS or FreeDos as first best
 choices. I never thought that Calmira might be an alternative to anything
 else, just a 16 bit GUI enhacement, that migth even run some 32 bits
 console=B4s with win32sc. >>

Ummm, not so!  Last I heard from MS, they would still "vigorously protect
their copyright protections" of ALL prior released operating systems, 
MS DOS 1 thru 6.22, Windows 1 thru 3X and on.  While some sites did
offer Win3X and MS DOS versions for download, I think most if not all have
been shut-down, or they are not very well publicised.  But, it would be sort
of a nice "humantitarian gesture" on the part of MS to allow the free 
of older operating systems...hehe, they don't offer support for them anymore!

See you later!
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