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<< The next version of the AOL software will use Mozilla as the browser
 (and I guess you know what Mozilla is), no longer IE.

As an AOHell user, hehe, I've been reading these type of statements
for the last 3 versions...ever since AOHell purchased NetScape and
let it die.  Yes, I know that MSIE had dealt a solid blow to NS prior
to AOHell acquiring it, but...AOHell had the clout, the NUMBERS,
in regards to user base, that if they had wanted they could have revived
NS...they chose not to, and continued their license agreements with MS 
to this day.  Mozilla is not NetScape...Mozilla is based on some parts
of NS code, but it has taken on its own life and personality.  Myself,
I see AOHell offering a choice between the two, IE or NS, much like 
they did about 6 years ago...they had their own browser, which was
terrible, by the way, or the user could choose a customized IE...they
even had a specialized NS for AOL...hopefully I want need any of them,
though I keep my AOHell account, I do my browsing with Opera on WIn3X
and then many times boot to DOS and use Arachne, Lynx 386 DOS or
some other browser...I know, I get a bit masochistic at times, hehe!
See you later!
aka Wizard57M
check this page out!
then click on the DOS link!
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