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> Hiya Gang!
>  I have read about another application for DOS that resembles the Win9X
>  Taskbar, something called WinDOS if I remember correctly.  I don't know the
>  specifics, and have never tried it...just thought I'd throw the name in 
>  ring.
>  A search at www.google.com for WinDOS should turn up some good leads 
>  for download.  IIRC, it's also freeware, but that may have changed since 
>  time I read about it.
>  See you later!
>  Glenn
>  http://members.aol.com/GLENNRPH/glennrph.htm

Hi All,

Here is a result of the above search that appears to be the "Home Page".

It is interesting and good looking, and there is also a DOS MIDI Player to 
download, as well as a WinDOS version for 80286 processors which I think I 
may apply to my "antique" IBM, Compaq, Zenith portables.

The pages and downloads are quite slow (or were for me anyhow), but I thought 
they were worth the wait.


Good luck, and take care, Bob.
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