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>Trev wrote:

>From: "Can U Count 2 4" <reply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Dear All,
>    I would like to wish everyone on this list a Merry Christmas. And also >
what does the future of calmira hold is their going to be anything done to >
Calmira it seems to have been abandoned. And only recieved couple of >
messages from the list in the last few months.



First, to Trev and all the others list members and their families, friends, 
and loved ones, let me also wish a peaceful, joyous and prosperous 
Christmas-New Year season.

Calmira is a graphical user interface making 16 bit Windows/DOS OS into a 
cosmetically acceptable substitute for its more modern cousins.  It provides 
an updated, modern appearance for those of us who wish to run a more compact, 
faster, less resource intensive operating system on older, or slower, or 
smaller equipment that is available, affordable or simply desired, and it 
does a good job of it.  As with any "work in progress," it will, as it 
asymptotically approaches its final or optimum form, which is what its 
original goal was to do, require less development, reveal less or smaller or 
less frequent bugs and the resulting communication, revision, reporting and 
correcting will diminish.  If it should become "perfect," such communication 
might stop altogether other than adulation which would also diminish or stop.

From October 'til now, a period of less than 3 months which I will take as 
"few," there have been 37 messages; that averages more than 12 per month or 
more than 3 per week or nearly 1 every other day, for a "work in progress" 
nearing it ultimate goal or "perfection," that "ain't" bad.  Most of the 
messages posted to this group (unlike this one) are concise informative notes 
of advice, instruction and observation and have helped or led to this goal. 
The average is about 15 per month since June.

I guess that the dream aspiration of 32bit and long file name support are 
practically impossible, but then I am one of those people without the 
knowledge and or skill necessary to the accomplishments already realized by 
Erwin and Brian and all the other contributors and developers who have 
already applied so much of their talents and labors to bring the rest of us 
this neat Christmas present all year long for several years without expecting 
or receiving anything in return other than the sense of pride and 
satisfaction that is the reward of a "Job Well Done."  Thanks Guys/Girls or 
Girls/Guys, and, again, may all of you have and enjoy a special "Holiday 

Thanks and have a happy, Bob.

P.S.  No matter how good it is or gets, I sure do like seeing the "goodies" 
and "graphics," and "tweaks" and "tinsel" that you all keep coming up with.

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