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<< Subject: <CT> Re: IEDIAL16.ZIP for Win3X
 Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 12:46:44 -0700
 Uh Glenn, I think you've got some kind of thing like Klez on your machine.
 When OE saw that attachment it lit up like a Christmas tree... or 3-Mile
 Specifically it told me that "gorilla.php3_files.scr contains a malicious
 script or virus".
 http://reid.tk >>

It's not on mine...I received the same email, something announcing
IEDIAL16.ZIP...someone on the list is running a Win9X machine that
is infected.  I wrote the email about IEDIAL16.ZIP quite some time back,
and if anyone wishes to download it, the file is located on a couple of
web sites...
and an FTP site...
Login to the FTP site with user name Public and for password
again use public.
IEDIAL16.ZIP contains the Shiva Dialer and WINSOCK.DLL from
the old MS Internet Explorer 3.03 for Windows 3.1,
FWIW---Windows 3.X and DOS are not susceptible to Klez or
other Win32 specific mass-mailer trojans.
But, to be safe, I will check my sites to make sure nobody has
been playing around with my files, hehe!  I uploaded it on July 30, 2002.

See you later!
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