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 Hello Group,
 not really a win3x question...
 a win9x question, one of my pc's has gone a bit screwy!!
 Its a PII 233, 32 mb ram, which WAS running Windows 95 on Wednesday night..
 Thursday Morning.. I switch it on..
 quite a scary message!
 I have seen this a couple of times before (on un-partioned hard disks!!)
 So I do the first thing.. check the bios settings are all set to Auto
 they are..
 next: Boot Sequence
 ok all normal..
 So next I try a boot disk, and run Fdisk off of the boot disk to see what
 partitions are on the actual disk... NONE!!
 this is rather scary now as there is important data on the drive..
 does anybody here know of any data recovery tools?
 Help Would Be Lovely!
 Regards Richard Hamilton-Frost
 http://www.RHFweb.net - New Logo!! - My Personal Enjoyment, My Dinner, My
I'm not sure, but I would change the boot sequence in my BIOS if it were
me, to boot first from C:, then A: and last from CD...as for recovery tools,
this will depend on what damage has occured and if you are having any
hardware problems with the hard drive itself.  So, first thing I would try
would be to bootup using a Win95 Startup Diskette in drive A, then try
FDISK /MBR C: at the dos command line.  Type that in, then press enter
to replace a damaged master boot record.  Then see if you can do a
"DIR" on anything on C: while still booted with drive A:.  If that doesn't
show anything, then we can try this, again at the dos command line,
type SYS C: and press ENTER.  This will transfer the system bootup
files from you diskette in drive A: to the hard disk C:.  Now try to reboot
with the C: drive...let us know what you get.
See you later!
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