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<< Glenn, Thanks much for doing this for us, I feel the same as Bob.  (But
 didn't the dialer come from MSIE3?  Also, if the dialer is called "Shiva",
 does that mean IE was using a dialer ffrom a third party?  Just
 Incidentally, since Opera is now free, and, Opera 16 bit is no longer being
 updated/maintained -would that define it as abandonware so that one wouldn't
 feel guilty of obtaining the crack from somewhere online?  I've seen them.
 -Bill >>

To answer first question, yes, this version of the Shiva Dialer comes
from MS IE3.03, and yes, MS was using licensed components from 
third parties as they have for as long as I can remember, hehe.  Even 
parts of the browser itself were borrowed from FTP software...
As for Opera, the only versions that are "free" are 4 and up...and those
are free because of advertising windows open while running.  I wish 
Opera Software would continue to update the 16 bit version, 3.62 is now 
a couple of years old...the guilt part would be up to the individual, IMO 
Opera should lower the price for the 16 bit version, but they haven't 
responded to my inquiry about this possibility yet anyway.  Opera does 
not consider prior releases "abandonware" though.  
See you later!
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