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<< Thanks a hundred times over for IEDIAL16. Because I am a Netscape fan I
 never wanted to load all of MSIE50 just for the dialer and could never
 find out how to extract just the dialer.
 /Bob gibbsro@xxxxxxx >>

You're Welcome!  You hit the nail on the head...this old computer
doesn't even have enough RAM to run IE5 (has 8 meg) and the
download for the installation is over 9 meg by itself.  Anyway, on 
a couple of other lists I belong to I had a few requests for a Win3X
Dialer w/TCP/IP, and having used this particular one for some 4 or 
5 years, I went to work on it.  The other reason I made a seperate 
file for the TCP/IP is because I use Opera 3.62 more on my Win3X 
machines...it's faster than IE3 and can handle more of the extra 
type script being crammed into our browser cache lately, hehe.  
I've also gotten pretty active in DOS Internet...even put a little
TCP/IP driver/dialer package together for DOS 3.3 or higher machines.
The TCP driver only needs about 29 kb RAM and can be loaded
into upper memory.  WZPPP is also freeware.  If anyone would like
to try their hand at DOS Internet, here's my web sites for help:
and finally, my little text mode web browser for DOS has its own page:
WizLynx ...  I recommend reading as much as possible about Internet 
in DOS prior to actually attempting to get online in DOS.  It will take
a bit of work, but is well worth the trouble...no need to wait for Win9X
to reboot just to check email, hehe!
See you later!
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