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RE:  Spell Check for Edit Boxes

Hi List!

I've ran Quinion's Spell Check for Edit boxes for several years, the only 
problem I have encountered is the "disappearing Calmira icon" bug I've 
mentioned.  On my home PC I built, a 486DX4 100mHz, when running MS DOS 6.22 
and Win311, and Cirrus Logic video w/2meg DRAM, I never had any problems.  
But, here at work and now at my lady's home, each only has 1 meg video 
memory, I had the disappearing icon problem.  Note that this ONLY occurs if 
Calmira is the "shell", so my workaround was to use something small as a 
shell, and launch Calmira from "Startup" or from a "run" line in WIN.INI.  I 
used ToolBar 2.11 by Agullira (spelling?) at work, a Pentium 75 w/8meg RAM, 
MS DOS 5, Win31, 1 meg video mem S3 Trio 64.  Spell Check works absolutely 
great.  No problems there, just with icons disappearing, in my case either 
the Tray area of Taskbar or Recycle Bin.  I still don't know what is causing 
this, but at least I finally figured out which app it was.  Another spelling 
checker I use is a DOS program, called GDSpell, which is available from Rich 
Green's DOS Software site at http://www.geocities.com/RLCGreen/softlib1.htm
(I think).  It uses the same spelling engine as the text editor NE.  However, 
you cannot spell check a Windows edit box, unless you save the file as some 
sort of document.  It runs well in a DOS Window however.

My advice is to try Quinion's Spell Check, if you notice either your Recycle 
bin icon or Tray icons disappearing, then you can either run Calmira as 
separate app and use something else as shell, or live with it, hehe, which I 
have done also.  A double click on the affected area somehow changes the 
focus and the icons re-appear for that area...interested parties for Spell 
Check or GDSpell just drop me a line!

See all of ya later!
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