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> Hi,
>  I was wondering if anyone knew how to use a DOS internet app under Windows
>  3.x? I connect to the internet using a proxy server so my PC doesn't run a
>  PPP dialer, but apparently I still need a packet driver for DOS so that DOS
>  apps can use TCP/IP over my LAN? I don't fully understand this so any help
>  would be appreciated.
>  Many thanks,
>  Jason


I also am not very knowledgeable on your subject, but wondered if the 
following reference might not be of interest or benefit to you.


Arachne WWW Browser is a fullscreen graphical World Wide Web browser, which 
is currently available for DOS compatible operating systems and for 
Linux/SVGAlib platform. Arachne supports subset of HTML/4.0, GIF, JPEG and 
PNG images, popular internet protocols http, ftp, smtp and pop3, and more. 
Arachne WWW browser is the ideal OEM solution for your "thin client" hardware 
products and solutions. 
   DOS: 1.70 , Linux: 1.66 beta 
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