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> Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 05:29:26 +0100
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> Can anyone translate this?
> hola amigos de calmina necesito informacion de windows 3.1 si tubieran
> manuales seria mucho mejor mi pregunta es que tengo una estacion en
> trabajo en grupo que tiene instalado windows 3.1 , mi pregunta es que
> me sale un mensaje de directorio no desconocido a la hora de iniciar
> secion no conosco mucho de este sistema operativo y no he logrado
> corregir esta dificultad quisiera que digan como puedo lograr que me
> reconosca el directorio de trabajo,tambien quisiera saber como puedo
> cambiar el nombre de secion en windows 3.11 o 3.1. por otra parte
> tengo instalado un servidor windows 200 advance server y es ahi donde
> se auntetifica mi estacion con windows 3.1

OK, having seen the efforts thus far, let me try my high school 
Spanish (which is now over 50 years old but has been somewhat 
refreshed recently):

Hi, friends of Calmina (sic)! I need information about Windows 3.1. 
It would be much better if I had manuals. My question is that I have 
a workstation in a group that has Windows 3.1 installed. My question 
is that I get an unknown directory message at the time of starting 
the session. I don't know much about this operating system and I 
haven't found a fix for this problem. I would like you to tell me how 
to get to know the working directory. I would also like to know how 
to change the name of the session in Windows 3.11 or 3.1. On the 
other hand, I have installed a Windows 200 (sic) advance server and 
it is there that my workstation with Windows 3.1 is authenticated.

That still doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I didn't know sessions 
in Windows 3.1 had names. But I've had the experience of getting a 
message about "invalid working directory" at Windows startup, from 
something that starts automatically with Windows, and it isn't easy 
to find out what's doing it or what directory it's looking for; maybe 
that's one of his problems.

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