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>  Subject:         <CT> Re: SmilerShell just re-released as freeware
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>  > >It's available in 16- and 32-bit versions from
>  > >http://www.bardon.com/otherproducts.htm
>  > 
>  > FYI: That site isn't up...404 on both pages...no index.
>  > 
>  What? I've just downloaded it!
>  Botond B. Balazs

Hey guys (and of course, inclusive of, gals), it worked fine for me, and was 
of an even further delight, since the site seemed to be totally devoid of any 
form of ad or cookie attacks; what a respite for my "anti cookie clicking 
finger" and R&R for the firewall.  Thanks for the tip and to Bardon for the 


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