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  • Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 14:26:57 EDT

Hiya David!

Say, I still use 486s, as well as this Pentium 75.  Currently I run AOL 3.0 
for Win3X, as well as AOL 5.0 on my 486DX4 100mHz with Win95.  I've been 
looking at a second ISP however, called SurfBest.  You need a credit card, 
and sign up is online.  They might be able to help with a telephone call.  I 
can do some checking on this if you desire.  You could borrow a friend's 
machine, then browse your way over to http://www.accessmasters.com to sign 
up.  Currently the monthly charge is only $12.50 for unlimited access with 2 
email addresses and 10 meg storage for web page.  It sounds interesting, and 
I've been assured it will work with DOS, Linux, Win3X as well as Win9X.  
Reply if you want more information!

See you later!
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