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Visit Rich Green's DOS Freeware site, he also has some Windows freeware 
listed.  There are a couple I've used, one comes with the text editor NE, the 
other is Spell Check for Edit boxes, by Brian Quinion...but I've had problems 
with disappearing icons in Calmira with this one.  SPELL.EXE with NE can be 
used standalone in a DOS box under Windows, but you might have to save the 
text first, then run it in command line with the filename to be checked.  The 
URL for Rich's site is:

Last version of Spell Check for Edit Boxes I'm aware of is 3.02, the ZIP file 
I have is named SPEL302E.ZIP (English version dictionary included with it).  
If you prefer, I can email it to you as attachment, just let me know!

See you later!
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