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  • Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 12:26:53 EDT

RE:  Email Clients

I too use FoxMail!  Highly recommended, both 16 and 32 bit.  I particularly 
like the "remote" mailbox function, allows you to grab the headers of emails 
in your servers inbox, then can mark emails to delete, download etc.  Very 
nice.  The 32 bit client can even function to view HTML emails properly with 
or without IE!  And the price is great---freeware!  All in all, FoxMail has 
been the smallest in both HD and resource usage of all Windows email clients 
I've used.  Sure is nice to see others use her also...I wrote to the author 
once about possibly expanding FoxMail to include actual web browsing 
capability, sort of a FoxWeb gizmo.  He said it was an interesting notion, 
one he may look into in the future.

See all later!
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