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  • Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 13:24:55 EDT

Hey Stephen!

Yep, the list has been quiet the past week or so.  Don't know about others, 
but for myself I've been busy getting my kids ready for "back to school".  
Also, the temperature has been above "normal", quite hot in fact, over 100 
degrees Farenheit for some 3 or 4 weeks.  But, that's summer in Oklahoma, 
central USA.  I've also been watching the recent worm/virus attacks on Win9X 
systems, namely Code Red and Sircam.  For the systems I use most I haven't 
much cause for alarm, 2 are Windows 3.1, the other is Windows 95 OSR1.  
However, I do scan regularly with F-Prot and Norton as well as other 
antivirus packages.  I've had to notify a couple of family members and online 
friends that their Win98 systems were infected, the most numerous of late is 
the W32Magistr strain.  Doesn't run on my old 486s, but it sure did get one 
of my sisters with Win98 SE.  Anyhow, thanks for the links to the video apps! 
 You know of any good ones for old Cirrus Logic cards, as in GL-542X line?  
Cirrus Logic no longer updates the drivers for the cards, and tells web site 
visitors to see homepage of card manufacturer OEM, as they only supply the 

Have a great day, and we'll see you later!
Glenn Gilbreath, Jr.
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