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  • From: Gregor Franz <G.Franz@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:34:04 +0200


I'm also new to the list. I normally are a Win98 user but for month
or so I use also an old TI TravelMate 4000M notebook (486 75 MHz / 4MB)
with WfW 3.11 and Calmira 3.12.

I was never diving into the Win 3.1/DOS thing before, so it's a
interesting new (old) world to explore. Thanks to the fantastic
Calmira it is much more fun to use my old machine.

How many people are on the list? Just curiosity...

> most of the newer ones are LFN.  I've toyed with the idea of trying the LFN 
> Tools on a Win3X machine just to see what they would do.  But, I suspect it 
> wouldn't work properly because there isn't any API for LFNs in Win3X.  The 
> LFN Tools work great in DOS 7.0 from Win95, as they utilize the APIs.  There 
> is a download link for them on Rich Green's DOS Freeware site, address is 
> http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/1401/softlib1.htm 

I found the fine DOSLFN.COM which works very good also with an old
DOS together with LFN capable filemanagers like Volkov Commander.
But of course it's not so optimal to work with LFN files under
Win 3.1, because the names are cut when you save them with normal
file dialogues.

Will the LFN support of Calmira utilize DOSLFN?

I have installed WfW 3.11 also on my Athlon (on the Win98
partition). Now I have a problem to find a working graphic card
driver for my Geforce 2 MX card. Has anybody experiences with
that? 640 x 480 with 60 Hz is not so nice on my 19" monitor. :)
All drivers and tools I tried yet didn't worked, beside one which
enhanced the Hz to 67.

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