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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 21:29:41 EDT

Hiya Pete!

Hmm, I may have gotten you mixed up with another Pete that I'm familiar with 
from Pennsylvania.  If so, then it's "my bad", but Welcome anyhow!  His 
online screen name is usually "Geminga", and he is on my Arachne mailing 
list, and posts quite often at the Arachne message board site at 

As for the LFN capable version of Calmira II, rumor has it that Erwin is 
working on it even as we type these messages!  And yes, it would be quite 
handy to those of us with both Win3X and Win9X systems.  I try to avoid LFNs 
when possible, but as anyone who has downloaded MIDI songs can attest to, 
most of the newer ones are LFN.  I've toyed with the idea of trying the LFN 
Tools on a Win3X machine just to see what they would do.  But, I suspect it 
wouldn't work properly because there isn't any API for LFNs in Win3X.  The 
LFN Tools work great in DOS 7.0 from Win95, as they utilize the APIs.  There 
is a download link for them on Rich Green's DOS Freeware site, address is 

As for PERL, I haven't tried it under Win3X, so not sure if it would run or 
not.  I've read that PERL scripts on web sites run well with 16 bit browsers 
such as NetScape and MS IE, and have seen them run in Arachne for DOS.  There 
is some "scripting" capability in Calmira II, somewhere in the Help file or 
README is a good explanation.

Well, that's about all for now...I'll C U L8R!
Glenn Gilbreath, Jr.
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