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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 15:30:33 EDT

Welcome Aboard Folks!

Although the list has been quiet lately, rest assured it is still up and 
running.  Although there were a few problems early last week with the 
listserv, seems to be OK now.

Pete and Tim, anytime you have a question, don't hesitate to ask anyone on 
this list.  Pete, you know me as Wizard57M in Arachne land, hehe.  Glad to 
have ya here also.  I've been using Calmira for quite some time, around 4 1/2 
years now, began with the old Calypso released on AOL by Li-Hsin, then it was 
rewritten as Calmira.  Just think of the stir it caused when I fired off my 
old 386DX with Calmira 1.0 as my shell when all my friends had Win95...they 
thought I had managed to get 95 running faster on my 386 than their Pentium 
90s and 133s, hehehe!  And now with all the additions and bug fixes, Calmira 
II Online 3.12 is better than ever, although sometimes I miss being able to 
run the TaskBar as a seperate application.  Came in handy when my co-workers 
that also used this old Pentium 75 used only Program Mangler as the shell.  
Anyway, enough for now.  The Calmira users group is one of the friendliest 
bunch of users I've ever been associated with, and thanks to the friendships 
I've made over the years in it, I have several older machines that at least 
appear to be running later release operating systems...not to mention the 
help I received when I used to try my hand at writing software apps.  This 
group is by far the most helpful when it comes to running anything Win3X 

Welcome Home!
Glenn Gilbreath, Jr.
aka Wizard57M
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