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Hiya List!

Dominic---Spell Check for Edit Boxes isn't a "TSR", which are "DOS" programs, 
but rather a "device", loaded by way of a line in your SYSTEM.INI 
file...although I've never experienced any system slowdowns with it, the 
problems with Calmira have precluded me using it much anymore.  Hope this 
helps somewhat...and yes it does utilize some system resources, but not too 
much.  It can be extremely useful to anyone using any text editor or old word 
processor (say Write, with Win3X) that doesn't have its own built in spell 
check.  You can even define HTML dictionaries for checking web pages.

Re:  Old and DOS browsers...I disagree with the statements about "speed of 
the browsers" themselves.  What actually hurts performance is the lack of 
multi-tasking inherent in DOS operating system itself.  As far as actual web 
page fetching and rendering, I've found that Lynx 386 for DOS, version 2.8.2 
and higher are extremely quick.  It takes quite a bit of getting used to not 
"point and clicking" your way through a web site however.  But just in terms 
of the applications themselves, the text based browsers are extremely quick.  
Even Arachne can be configured to run faster than MS IE 3.03...I use both 
daily.  What gives any Windows based system a "performance edge" is the 
ability to run multiple applications which access the same TCP/IP connection 
at the same (or close to it) time.  I enjoy browsing the web and checking 
email in DOS, but when I need to get really serious I use at least Windows 
3.1, and sometimes Windows 95 OSR1 with MS IE 5.01.

Just my opinion...hehe, that and 75 cents might get me a cup of coffee!  C U 
aka Wizard57M
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