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  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 13:54:21 EDT

Hi List!

Re:  Cello browser---I once had a ZIP of the browser, but have since lost it. 
 I can't remember where I found it, possibly on the old AOL archives way back 
in 1997 or so.  I do remember that if you are running Windows 3.X, you must 
have the Win32s installed for Cello to run.  Although it did a fair job of 
web page rendering, any type of JavaScript, Java Applet, Shockwave (old 
version 3) and other "enhancements" (if you want to call such extemporaneous 
fluff enhancement) would not display at all.  Cello also ran somewhat slow on 
a Pentium 75 mHz w/8meg RAM...probably due to low amount of memory.  All in 
all, except for "historical purposes", I do not recommend using Cello.

RE:  Spell Check for Edit Boxes---This phenomenon has been occuring to me on 
various machines since I first tried Calypso, the precursor to Calmira.  
Strange thing is it only occurs when Calmira is ran as the shell.  My 
favorite work around was to use a very simple shell called Toolbar, by M. 
Aguillar, and only put a couple of icons in the toolbar.  Then add a 
"LOAD=CALMIRA.EXE" line in my WIN.INI file and run Calmira as a seperate 
Windows app.  If anyone wants to play with Toolbar, let me know and I'll see 
if I can dig up the ZIP of it.
Trying to run the Spell Check as a regular Windows app doesn't work...it 
brings up the dialog box for installation, which is simply adding a line to 
load the DLL as a device in SYSTEM.INI...shame too, cause it does a very good 
job and is highly configurable to almost any type of document, even HTML.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  C U L8R!
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