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On 19 May 2001, at 21:00, FreeLists Mailing List Manager wrote:

> From: Michelle Konzack

> 10)     Multitasking ???   Try DR-Dos 7.03 or the free version OpenDos
> 7.01

Multitasking can be done in MS-DOS with a little help. DoubleDos (mid 
to late '80s) split the 640K into two smaller regions with an app 
going in each. I remember running a modem in one region to download a 
file from a BBS, and in the other region using LIST to examine a 
previously downloaded file and at the same time running PRINT in the 
background to print yet another file. DESQview 386 can do even more 
and do it better.

> >... What are you typing this e-mail in? Not DOS...

My wife receives and types email in DOS - but without multitasking.

But I think we already decided to move to Linux - if we could ever 
get it installed :-(

By the way, my complaint about the cost of hardware could be 
misunderstood. I was concerned about the cost of Linux-compatible 
peripherals, like 56K realmodems. But I guess we have come to the 
point where a used 486 can be bought cheaply enough to offset the 
cost of the peripherals.

And then there was:

> Joshua
> If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you
> turn on the headlights?

Albert Einstein answered that almost a century ago in the theory of 
relativity. Every observer sees the universe as though he/she were 
standing still. You don't feel your speed, do you? You can reach out 
and turn on your CD-player (but not your radio) and hear it playing. 
So you are not going the speed of light, you are motionless and the 
rest of the universe is whizzing past you at the speed of light. You 
turn on the headlights and you can see better in front of you, but 
the trouble is, by the time you see something coming, it's already 
passing you. However, your backup lights won't help you see behind 
you, because your light can't catch up with the stuff that's receding 
from you at light-speed. Anyway, as a consequence of the same theory, 
you can never quite attain the speed of light; only light can go at 

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