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  • From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 08:22:24 -0600

>This doesn't sound like Calmira at fault here. First try to see if the
>problem is there with Program Manager as the shell.

No, I have Calmira as the shell now.  progman is all just a bad memory right 

>Calmira loads in about 3 seconds on my machine. I think it is a new
>problem. Again, switch to Program manager to see if it loads any faster.
>Maybe that new program installed a driver in system.ini that takes so
>long to load.

Ahhh.  Now that you mention it, I told one of the comps to load a new driver 
on startup, and I doubt I'd even try to make this Win98 comp good.


There were more drivers...including some for an incomplete install of 
Win32s.  But, it didn't help.  Still slow.  I changed the shell back to 
progman, and it took just as long to load as the login dialog on Calmira.  I 
deleted some drivers and commented out one, no help.

Also, while I had progman, I opened Connect-85 (connect8.exe).  It has the 
problem I think.  If I ever get *really* bored, I'll install Delphi on here 
and figure out the problem with it.  :)

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