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> > >Happy b-day, Bob!
> >
> >Thanks Ross!
> No prob.  :)

Happy birthday Bob!!! What day is your birthday though? (Yesterday probably.

> >Yup. It gets you everything except boot to DOS.
> Hmmm.  That's messed up.  :-\

Aren't all Microsoft products?

> > >I have a stupid company startup logo over the bios, OS, etc info.  Best
> >idea is to tap it rapidly as you boot... seems to catch the right moment
> Yeah, but I usually press *too* rapidly and I get what I call the 'beeping
> effect', which I'm sure you've all experienced.

Holding down the control key (CTRL) also works, and you don't get the
so-called "beeping effect."

> > >Speaking of, anyone know how to remove it?  I know Gateway has the same
> >thing (if
> > >that helps you understand what I'm talking about).
> >That's a good question... :( ?

Blow torch.

> Ross

- Greg

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