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  • From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 20:07:15 CDT

I'm still dreaming of a Cal32 -- I bet you get your CALinux before I
get a new shell for win98 :o(((

I prefer Cal32 also, KDE works fine for me (don't want to hear about Gnome...I'll try it when I get Linux on my own comp, Brian and Greg). Explorer hates Windows and this comp at the same time, causing TOO MANY crashes, even for Win.

Mind I'm not so sure linux will make it as a consumer product just
yet... I'm running a dos based zipslack version and have only just got
my mouse to work after a year (probably as I get so frustrated I only
boot into linux when I'm bored)... not really for someone who just
wants to type a letter :o(

Obvious. But, it's stable, secure, faster (on a Gateway 2K with 64mbs RAM, some ghz processor) than Win, and more fun to screw with. :) I use a mini-distro of Linux on my 486 (which Calmira is on, but Win doesn't load anything (maybe shell= is blank)), in just console. It's my relief from Win when I can't telnet to a shell. :)

~ Back from drooling over Linux ~

So, Erwin, any plans on porting Calmira to other OSes, including the much wanted Cal32 and CALinux, as well as Mac (LoL), OS/2 (anyone got a copy of that they don't want? I am not sure the details of it, but I want it :) ), etc?

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