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  • Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 21:37:15 +0100

Sorry for the combined answer...

> Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 22:15:42 -0200
> From: Michelle Konzack <mailing-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Re: Are MPEGs "bad" for Win3.1?
> I have bought a GA-686LX3 for around US$ 30 and a Celeron 633 for US$ 60
> plus a SLOT1/PPGA Adaptor for US$ 5
> My WfW 3.11 is the heaven ;-))

I can imagine that <g>. Do you also have a decent graphics card and
monitor? 1024x768x65536@85Hz is a nice thing on a 19" :).

> My Digi-Cam is working properly...
> ...and now I try to programm an USB-Driver for my Web-Cam and USB-Mouse
> for the good old WfW 3.11 ;-))
> Written in C and Watcom.

Do you have a Win 3.1 DDK?
When you're finished with the USB drivers <g>: Could you put together a
VESA display driver (for cards with a VESA 2.0 or higher BIOS) that
allow running higher resolution and color depths even on cards that
don't have any Win 3.1x drivers? The world needs one, but unfortunately
nobody has tried writing one yet :(...

> From: "John" <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Creative Labs
> Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 04:42:38 -0500
> Hello all,
> I was just given a P75 with a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740 sound card and a 2X or
> 4X (at a guess, it doesn't say) CD ROM drive.
> I do not have the drivers for these because, well it was used running
> Windows 95 and I plan to use it as my Win3x + Calmira box.  Can anyone tell
> me where I can get the installation disks for the sound card and cd rom
> drive?

At www.creative.com, perhaps? ;) For the CD-ROM: Where is it connected?
If it's connected to the sound card, it's most likely a 1x or 2x drive
and needs a special driver. If it's connected to the mainboard's IDE
controller, it's a standard ATAPI drive and a standard ATAPI driver
should do (and if not, you can still run diagnostic software to find out
what make and model it is).

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